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The Chair

Can art be created by using the front and back or outside and inside of something?

By generating art using two sides instead of a simple single outside surface, I try to express my inner existence.

The core of the absolute truth encompassed by the shell begins to expand slowly. Life without end keeps silent. Definite inner existence continues to pulsate strongly while remaining hidden from the outside. On the surface, there is a sense of something that cannot stay still and continues to move.

Knitting hemp cloths and hemp twines are an expression of my uncertain feelings and thoughts. The repeating folds bond with folds of my spirit.

Coordination and Fixation

With closed eyes, I feel for something to hold. I try to capture on canvas that within me which I cannot grasp and cling to.

Strings that bind me rob me of freedom. But they come to my defense and keep me in the place where I should be.

Self-existence is displaced by an unexplained power, unpleasant and uninvited. Though I try to return my existence to its proper place, it is impossible.



Self Existence and the ‘being’ of others

Although my being and the essence of others both conflict and exist on opposite sides of the spectrum, they also pull each other closer together. I acknowledge the existence of an absolute being. However, I also believe in my own absolute existence. This knowledge gives me great joy as well as great pain.

The shell (outline) separates the outside world from me (inside of my body + feelings + thought + spirit). I'm drifting in space. Everything around me becomes space.




Unnecessary things are burned away as I search for the ceiling of self-existence.

I struggle to free myself from my own cross by burning it, but it never burns away completely. It continues to oppress, to push me down.




Holy Life

Holy life is pierced, dissipated and scattered into space. The nail that punctures life rusts, rots, and leaves no shadow. However, the dispersed fragments are gathered and restored into a great life.






Representational Painting + Abstract Picture

I always attempt to explain the abstractions inside of me that not even I can fully understand. I aim to create the representational painting with understanding and completeness.


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